Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Scared ya, didn't I...
That's my scary laugh.

I'm laughing at how SCARY easy these little projects were!

Check out these cute little blocks I made with some AWESOME friends.
This was seriously the easiest craft EVER!
It totally helps if your best bud has the wood cut and painted before you show up.
NICE, huh?!

I just cut the letters out of scrapbook paper on my Cricut.
The eyes are wood disks with a button center. 
Super fun and super duper

Here's another easy one for ya!

I had this twiggy wreath already.

I added a strip of orange fabric,
some spider webbing and spiders of course!

I made a little number 31 sign to hang in the middle.

My 31 looks a little crazy, huh?!!
Come on people,
IT's HalloWeen!


my possessed Cricut made my "1" backwards...
Kinda CREEPY!!

In comes the scary laugh...

Just sayin'...SCARY easy peasy!!

Linkin' up with crafty pants herself.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Activity Day {Suitness}!

I'm SO stinkin' excited..
I'm the new 8-9 year old girl, Activity Day Leader at church!!!
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ,
we all get the chance to serve in many different ways.
We are NOT paid for what we do.
Just BLESSED by the ton!

SOOO, you're probably wondering...

"Why the stink is she telling us all of this?"
Twice a month I get to plan and meet with these sweet 8-9 year old girlies.
We will be doing lots of fun things together.
I wilI have lots of ideas share....


I really just need a place to keep all my ideas.  Who knows, I may be in THIS calling for the next 50 years. .


Also, a lot of these ideas can be used for Family Home Evening
OR just fun little crafts to do with the chitlins.
Wanna see what we did today?!
All righty then!

Since it IS Halloween in like 10 days,
 I did a little
 "Holy Ghost"

  As the girls arrived, the girls decorated Rice Krispy Pops like these:

 We read and discussed scriptures on the Holy Ghost.
We highlighted them in PURDY colors.

Next, we played,
"Guess What's In The Bowl"
 I told them the "name" of the contents and then they had to try and guess,
without looking,
what was really in the bowl and write it down.
 I only had time for two bowls.

1. beans (rat eyes)
2. mini sausage (witches toes)
All of the girls  guessed differently,

(talked about how we all feel the Holy Ghost differently, we need to learn to recognize it.)

Next up,

Craft TIME:
"BoO Blocks"
These were inspired by THIS super cute block. 
I LOVE her version. I'm SO making one for me!! 
I painted and sanded the wood before the girls got here.
I also cut out all the vinyl. 

The girls added the BOO's and the ribbon.
I wish I got a picture of ALL of the girls' blocks together.

These girlies know how to Blingie up thier blocks. 

Cute, huh?! 

Well, that's it.
 I will keep ya'll posted on anything else that crosses my crazy brain :)

Until then, SMOOCHES!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween {Suite} Style

Enjoy our Halloween Mantel as I barf all the madness from my brain ...Thanks for being here :)

why do I do this to myself?!
I was being a total bahumbug about getting out any fall stuff.

Gasp, I know, Best Blogger award right here baby!!!!

Ya see,

 I still have some of my darn Christmas stuff staring at me in the FABULOUS junk yard garage.  It still needs to go up in the rafters and it's almost already Christmas....EEEEKKKKK!!!

Wherever it is,
 I can't see it and to top it all off, it's here with it's little invisible self,  kickin' my booty!!
(That's me gettin' my booty kicked)

THEEENNN, the other morning on the way to school my little observant T-dawg says to me, "Hey Mom, those people in that house don't have out ANY Halloween decorations out yet.  They better hurry up, Halloween is coming fast.  Which reminds me, WE need to get OURS out too."

Ya know what I was thinkin'...

He caught me!! 
But, at the same time, it melted my cold bahumbug heart away!!
My little 8 year old NOTICED these things?
 Then I remembered why I do what I do.
It's all for my little peeps.

On to more tangent....umhmmm....deal with it. 

Why the stink can't I just be happy with throwing out a Jack o Lantern and a Happy Halloween sign and call it good? 
Why do I NEED to change out pillows, pictures, curtains and paint the house orange? 
 I know I'm not the only one who suffers from this :) 

Halloween is in like 11 days!!! 

 Man, talk about ISSUES!!

The smile on T-dawgs face when he got home from school was another heart melter.
(YES, my heart is made of butter, comes in hand when making bread sticks) 
Honestly, I am SO grateful to be a Mom to these kids.  I get so caught up in the silliest things and forget the whole reason I'm here is.  Thanks T-dawg for reminding me to ENJOY life.
Thanks for always melting my heart and for helping me to get out and live life NOW....
Love you T-dawg!!!  


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Get Your GAME On!

I finished another side of the Little Man's room. 
Just one small space left to tackle and we are done with this stinkin' room!

Cute, huh?!

I had a lot of fun with this little wall.
I knocked out a couple of little projects while I was gettin' this all done. 
I'm gonna break 'em down for you real quick.

Project #1
The Nasty Dresser Turned Desk
(please excuse the horrible picture quality of most of these shots.  His poor room has bad lighting.)

Here is one more shot of it all.

See the little stool that fits perfectly under there?!

Project #2
Nasty Table Turned Stool

Here it is up close and fabulous!

Project #3

Little Man's SMALL Locker Room

He really loves having all of his jerseys handy for practice and games.  Along with his cleats and ball.  There's even a little hook for his backpack.
A place for everything :)

Here it is all together, when you come through his door,

I'm redoing the clipboards,
Don't LOVE them!
 I'll tell you all about them later.

Here's a view of it from the other side of the room.

Here's what I have left to do:
Clipboards, buys a chair, make 2 pillows, night stand and figure out closet 
I'll do a room tour when I'm finished with all of the above. 
Have a happy day!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{Suite} Pantry Visit

I've been busy, busy trying to finish up Little Man's room.
Of course, you all know...
 I'm such slacker!
 I can never stay focused on just one project at a time.
Nothing like having 65,7890 projects to finish :)

I can't even stay on the same flippin' subject when I talk.

Okay, I got a little burned out on Little Man's room
I decided I would post about my pantry.
I KNOW, so random!
( Don't pantry and bedroom kinda rhyme or somethin'?!
If you don't remember my pantry organization that I did a while back,

Since then, I've added a few things to make it a little more fabulous!! 
 Of course, it still isn't cuteified and painted yet. 

Ignore the fact that we need to buy food AGAIN!!!
 I swear we live with monsters that would eat the house if they could!!

First, we have our canned food with the little shelves on  top of the cans to hold brownie mixes, cake mixes etc.  Then we have our extra syrup and sauces on the other shelf.

Down below on the next shelf we have our baskets for chips and crackers.
Behind the baskets I have containers for extra flour, rice and beans.

Below the chip/cracker shelf I have some pull out drawers.  The one on the left holds our extra paper lunch bags, napkins, plastic cups and such. 
The basket on top hold our plastic spoons, forks and knives.
I'm super excited about our drawers on the right. 
I saw an idea on BHG.com that had dinner baskets.  
THESE are my dinner DRAWERS. 
 Each drawer holds the ingredients for our meals for the week. 
I still need to go to the store for 2 more meals. 
 I love the idea of having all the stuff ready to go for the week. 
The basket on top holds any dessert ingredients. 

Next shelf over, We have our pasta basket and our extra cereal basket. 
When our cereal dispenser gets low, the kids take turns picking out what cereal they want in there next. 

Here's the back wall again.  Extra wheat flour, rice, beans, pasta, potatoes. 
Below that shelf we have more pull out drawers. 
On the left we have our quick pasta drawer.  Mac and cheese and Pasta Roni. 
 In the second drawer is all of our seasoning packets.  Taco mix, onion soup mix, ranch, gravy mixes. 
On top in the little green basket we have all of our quick seasoned boxed rice. 
 In the right side we have our breakfast mixes stuff.  Muffin mixes and extra pancake mix and hot chocolate to refill our jars in the kitchen.
In the bottom drawer, I have Ramon noodles and other noodle type stuff for the kids to make on their own. 
The top basket has our marshmallows for yummy rice krispie treats and smores!

 Back to the top shelf again....I have all of our canned apples and jam and some other canned foods.  Our extra special bread like hot dog and hamburger buns get thrown in the hanging basket so our bread box will actually close in the kitchen!!
 One cool trick I have been loving. 
Use a grocery bag holder for you potatoes. 
 My hall is super dark and dry so they do great in here and they are easy to find too:)
 Here a few more pictures to enjoy!

 I forgot to mention, behind my pull out drawers, I store all my large canned food storage like beans and rice and potatoes. 
 Easy to find when I need to open a new can. 

I better go get us some grub before the little monsters get home. 
They just might eat ME!! 
 Let me know if you have any tips for pantry organization. 
I'd love to hear all about them!!! 

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