Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Barf #2 Teacher Gifts

My hubby's Aunt asked me what I ended up doing for teacher gifts this year.
I REALLY thought I posted this one.

I must have lost a few brain cells along with them migraines!

This one is for you Aunt Kim :)
Maybe for next year?!! 
Or like Miss Aunt Kim pointed out,
It can be used for just about anything.

Here's my Christmas Barf #2:

S'more Buckets
(Inspiration came from HERE )

 I found these cute clear snowflake buckets at Walmart for about 3 bucks.
I bet they are like $.50 right now.

 Here's what the tag said:
Wishing you 
fun this Christmas.

Merry Christmas! 

 I added some scrap ribbon that I already had to the handle.

 I wrapped each ingredient in separate bags with a little twine to tie it off.
Make sure you put enough of each thing to make a complete S'MORE. 
Pack extra chocolate for crazy people like me!!

Here they are again. 

Man, the options are endless. 
 Change out the Season or Holiday and you have S'MORE fun gifts to give!! 

Christmas Barf!

I hear ya,


After a couple of migraines before and after Christmas.
 Then a stomach bug (yesterday and today),
This girlie never had the chance to post everything she wanted to share with you.

It's your lucky day my dear bloggy friends,
I'm sharing my nasty bug with ya!

Not my stomach
Christmas bug!

Are you ready for all the Christmas barf?!

I just gotta get it all out!!

First up,

Our Christmas Mantel 

 My Noel blocks are from last year. 
 Lots of people ask why the "E" is different. 
 Cause I had the "E" already!
"E" is for ESPLIN!!
 The snow globes were Pinterest inspired.
You can check them out HERE.
If you want to see how to make the snow globes (ya know, for next year!) you can see my post HERE

 These plates were also Pinterest inspired.
Check out my pin HERE.
I found a free Christmas cutting file online and then used some of our everyday plates to slap the vinyl onto.

Christmas barf #1 done!!

Brace yourselves people...
As you know,
there's more to come!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

LDS gift idea!!

As you all know,
 I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
Learn more about my beliefs (HERE). 

This is a picture of our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson.
He is an amazing man!
I see this picture and all I see is pure joy.
It really does make me smile.

I HAD to spread the love. 
I had the pictures printed at Walmart.
The picture is from a pin on Pinterest.
(type in President Monson, it will pop right up!)
The frames are also from Walmart, in the crafty section.
I cut the vinyl myself.

I added a tag with a quote from one of his many wonderful Christmas messages.
It reads:

Giving, not getting, brings to
full bloom the Christmas spirit.
Enemies are forgiven, friends
remembered, and God obeyed.
The spirit of Christmas illuminates
the picture window of the soul,
and we look out upon the world’s
busy life and become more
interested in people than things.
To catch the real meaning of the
“spirit of Christmas,”
we need only drop the last syllable,
and it becomes the
“Spirit of Christ.”

Thomas S. Monson,
“The Best Christmas Ever,”
Liahona, Dec 2008

Are you loving the cinchie of all this fabulousness?!!
It's so cinchie the chitlins can do it in their PJ's, right next to a sink full of nastiness!!!
(No one gave ME paper plates!  Heeeheee!!!)
I know you all would LOVE to have one. 
Go make one up. 
EAsy PEasY!!!


Paint Color
I used:
Glidden Creamy Butter Milk  Interior Semi Gloss
I used:
"Prophet" is in Hannibal Lector
My Own Topher for the rest.


Neighbor Christmas Gift

I have an easy neighbor gift idea for ya!
We're cuttin' it kinda close, but, ehhh...
Use it next year :)

I found these plate and napkins on Clearance at Target!
Can't tell you for how muchie cause I have some neighbors who are quite the Cinnaberry Suite Fans!!!

I stacked them and wrapped them in cellophane.

Here is what the little tag said that I slapped on them:

Our Christmas wish to you...
less DISHES to do!

Merry Christmas!!

Who doesn't need extra paper plates, cups and napkins?!!
It's perfect for all those days when the sink is  full of madness from all the cookie baking.
Less dishes has GOT to be the BEST gift you can give someone :)

Now go and spread some paper plate cheer!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Activity Day {Suitness} #4

This was such a fun activity.

I saw the idea for Secret Service Agents HERE.
Since it was around Christmas, I made ours 
Secret Service Elves

You've Been Served Coins

As the girls arrived I had them make
I found the printable HERE.
I had them color the paper then attach it to a mason jar lid.
They looked like little gold coins.
I'll explain what these are for later.
While they made these,
we talked about service and why this was the perfect
time of year to do service.
We talked about how Christmas gave us a time to reflect on the Saviors birth and his life.
The Savior served others his whole life.
He even ended his life as a service for us.
I then asked them what they thought would be the perfect gift to give the Savior this year.
They caught right on,
Serve Others.


Elf Training
Service Relay

I split the girls up into 2 group and they raced to see who could get their tasks done first.
I had three Holiday service tasks they needed to complete before they could become,
"Secret Service Elves"

#1 Holiday Laundry
(With everyone home for the holidays, the laundry builds up a lot faster than normal.  Help out and this will be a great service to your family!)

They had to match up the gloves, fold the Santa blanket and fold the scarf.  Once it was all folded it had to be neatly placed in the basket.

#2 Gift Wrap
(People love help with gift wrapping!)
They had to wrap the box.
EASY, right?!!
It was fun to watch that's for sure :)

#3 Decorate a Holiday Treat
(Treats will always warm a heart!  The best service you can give!)

They decorated a cookie with frosting and sprinkles.
We enjoyed these later as snack!

Once everyone finished the Elf tasks,
They received their mission folders

Inside was their Secret Service Mission List (I got it from here)
with directions to keep all services a secret.
They also contained a sheet of paper with the days of the week.
Each day they did a service for someone they were to record what they did for whom.
This way, they could report back on their progress the following AD.
When they finish the service if they chose, they are to leave behind a "You've Been Served" coin.
(Which was also in the folder after they finished them.)
Then their family members could keep the coin and do secret acts of service themselves.
Before you know it,
you have a house full of "Secret Service Elves"

While we enjoyed out treats,
We went around and shared some ways they were going to serve their families.
After they shared,
 they received an Elf hat, from Dollar Tree, to be wore while serving.
But, super cute.
This was a HIT!

Activity Day {Suitness} #3

I have 3 Activity Day's to post about still.
What a SLACKER...
Thanks for lovin' me anyway!

The third activity day was CLEEEAAARR back in November,
 around Thanksgiving time.

 I decided it would be a great time to work on our table manners and proper dinner etiquette.
I called it,

Dinner Time!

(totally creative, I know!)


Blessings Pocket

As a welcome craft, the girls made Blessings Pockets.
I got this idea from one of my buddies who gave ME one.
They embellished an old jean pocket.
They glued on a patch that said pocket of Blessings.
They added leaves, buttons, tied on little fabric bows.
Inside the pocket, they put sheets of paper.

On the sheets of paper,
 their families write down blessing they are thankful for through out the day. 
Each night at dinner until Thanksgiving they pull out some of the papers and share them with their family. 
A fun way to put the girls in a Thankful mood.


I had all the girls come hungry so we could enjoy a light dinner together.  We started out by setting our table.  I gave them all the stuff they needed to set their place.  I had them race and see if they could do it by themselves.   Once they tried,  I showed them how to do it the right way. 

We talked about where our arms and napkin go. 
Chewing with our mouths closed. 
No feet on the table, ah, come on, I live with a bunch of boys!! :)
Then came dinner. 
We learned how to eat a roll properly, ya know, shove it ALL in your mouth..Heeeheee! 
We practiced cutting our salad if a piece was too big.
We practiced sipping our water not gulping.
Then we used our napkins to BLOT our messy pizza faces.
We had a lot of fun. 
Lots of giggling :)

I LOVE these girls!!!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dreaming of a WHITE Christmas!

We were SO close to having a litttle bit of white on the ground this morning.
I know a lot of you think I'm a total crazy snow lady!!!

We hardly ever get snow around these parts.
When it snows, it puts me in the Christmas spirit. 
I get all "let's whip out the cocoa and sing jingle bells" when it snows here!

It didn't happen.

What's a sad girl to do?
Snow Globes
I've seen these EVERYWHERE!!

They are like little magical Winter Wonderlands!

Awwww...."lets get out the cocoa and sing jingle bells", shall we?!

They were SO easy to make. 
The hardest part was trying to figure out where to find all the junk that goes inside it.
I'm here to hook you up with all those little details. 
Love you TOO!!

What you need:

Old jars (quick!! pull out that nasty moldy salsa jar.  PERFECT!!) 
bottle brush Christmas trees (Walmart.  They cost less than a dollar a piece)
1 bag of snow flakes (Walmart)
 Glue gun

Here's what you do...READY?!!

  • Glue the tree or trees to the bottom of the lid.
  • Add snowflakes and glitter if you want into the jar
  • Screw on lid
  • Shake 

All done!!

 Here's a little sneak peek of my Winter Wonderland Snow globes on my mantle. 


Thanks for being here!!! Smooches!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Plates full of Merry!

Did you see???
Over there in the right hand corner...
My suite little bloggy hit 400 followers!

I never dreamed I would have ONE follower,
let alone 400.

THANK YOU for loving me!


I'm planning on doing a little {Suite} THANK YOU giveaway.

A pretty Christmas plate made by...WHO ELSE?!!


You guys ROCK!!!

you wondering where the darn
" plates full of MERRY" are?


There ya go!!
I was inspired by this on Pinterest.
I LOVE the whole look of this pin.
Where's the money tree when you need it?!

This thriftiness of America
 used some of her extra everyday plates in two different sizes.

Then on my cricut, I cut out ONE fancy letter and the rest a little more casual and all the same.

It works, RIGHT?!!!


One more POW!!!

I'll be back soon with my OTHER Christmas plate project and my
{Suite}THANK YOU giveaway!!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

James Crew

More family pictures?!!

Fun for me :)
I got to take pictures of the kids last year. 
THIS year, I got the WHOLE family.
What a pleasure.
Here's the cute little 
James Family 
Thanks for asking Lyss :)

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