Sunday, January 1, 2012

Activity Day {Suitness} #5

Here's another Christmas AD idea for ya!


Graham Cracker Christmas Trees

Our welcome activity was our treat! 
Nothing like dessert first, eh?!
We TRIED to make graham cracker Christmas trees.
You just take a plastic knife and saw off the corners of the graham cracker to make a tree shape.

Aren't they cute?!!

 Some of these girlies don't know their own strength.
I told them they were making lots of little trees for a forest.
They could care less.
Frosting, M&M's
Pshhh...who cares if our crackers are crumbs!!

I could just squeeze THESE cheeks!! 
(Just cause she's one of my Besties chitlins!  LOVE her!!)

Check THIS girlie out!
She's sportin' her "Secret Service Elf" hat from our last activity!
Atta girl!
LOVE her too :)


The True Meaning Of Christmas Bracelets

To start off,
we went on a scavenger hunt, 
to find the true meaning of Christmas! 
I got the idea from THIS FHE lesson.
As the girls collected the clues we collected different beads.
Once we were done finding all of our clues,
we headed back to the table to make our bracelets.

I read the story from the lesson called  "Teach the Children".
It goes through and discusses all the different things we associate with Christmas and their true meaning.
I had a bead for each item discussed in the story.
Here are the beads and what they each represent from the story:

Green heart: Wreath
Santa Bead: Santa
Red bead: Holly Berry
Red and White: Candy Cane
Star: Star
Green: Tree
Orange: Candle
Silver: Bell
Red Ribbon: Gifts

As I read about each item, they added that bead to their bracelet. 
When we were finished we talked about how the true meaning of Christmas is
The Savior and giving not receiving.

They look happy, right?!
It was another fun one :)

Love ya girlies!!!
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