Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Help out that T-shirt!!

Here's our first {Suite} Revamp Wednesday.
Welcome to the PARTE!

I LOVE t-shirts,
as you know!!

I DO NOT love how FRUMPILICIOUS I feel in a t-shirt.
(Ya know, like you wanna sit on the couch and pull your legs up into it, while you lick your oreos covered in PB frumpilicious?!)

I'm starting to collect quite a few little running shirts.
 It's SO cool.
It's NOT cool when they run out of your size and hand over a size that is WAY too big.
I have a little solution for ya if you suffer from this problem too.

T- shirt Revamp
(I tried this out on one of my hubbies shirts before I cut up a race shirt.
I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing.)

Here's ONE way to do it.

Pull out your favorite fitting shirt.
Turn your shirt that you are revamping and your favorite fitting shirt inside out.
Lay the larger one on a flat surface.

Add your shirt that you LOVE on top.
Line the neck lines up to each other.

Grab a fabric pen, Or a sharpie like me :)

Trace along the outside of the shirt.  Make sure you give your self a little bit of a seam allowance!
Pin it all together.
Run it through the sewing machine following the outside of your trace lines.

Here's how you do the sleeves.  Draw a line across that lines up with the bottom of the sleeve on yo r favorite shirt.

Here's the fun part. 
Try it on, inside out.
If it isn't quite the fit you want, run a seam ripper through it and start over again making the adjustments needed.

you gotta try it on so you can take a picture of yourself lookin' like a flying squirrel!

If the fit is good, run it back through the sewing machine a couple of times to help reinforce it.

  Next, grab the SCISSORS.
(I'm making those scary movie noises!)

Trim all the way around your seam.
You can be done there.
Your sleeves might be kinda long and the neck is feeling a little claustrophobic!
If so,
Cut off the neck.
I started on the outside of the collar and made a center mark on the neck.

Snip, snip, cut off that neck!!
Start out with less.
Then, if you need to, you can cut more.

 On mine, I made a little slit in the front middle with my scissors and then I just torn it by hand.

Don't forget your sleeves.
I cut mine at a little angle.
You can cut it how ever you think is cute.
Remember, start off cutting less than you think and then cut more if you need to.

Here it is all finished!
Here it is ON!!
I love all my big old t-shirts to work out in.
I don't feel bad if they get ruined,
I can just turn them into a quilt,
ya know??

Fits perfect!!!
If you end up trying this, I want to see!!

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