Monday, January 23, 2012

How WE roll!

It's "Pinned and DONE" Monday!

Chitlins and Hubs were off for ONE stinkin' day and it threw me off a whole stinkin' week!
Please, forgive??
Ugh...I need another vacation :)

Today is a quick one for ya!
NO, it's NOT all fancy.
I promised myself we would try it out and if it worked,
THEN we could fancify it.

Okay, HERE is the pin that inspired me.
(Man, these JEN's are P.R.E.T.T.Y. amazing!! Heehee. No, really, this Jen has her stuff together.  Lots of cool organizing stuff. Check her out.)
What kid doesn't like games??
I LOVED the idea of turning regular old chores into a game.
When I presented it to the kids, they were BEYOND excited.

I didn't want to get my hopes up too soon.
I did just as Jen suggested,
I had each room designated to a number on the dice.
They would take turns rolling the dice and we would ALL go together and clean that particular area together.

It worked great like this for about 3 weeks.
After those three weeks, we met and discuss how it was going.
The kids said they REALLY enjoyed how we were doing things.
BUT, they all agreed that they wanted to have their own individual chores.
They are all about getting things done quickly.

I was TOTALLY down with that.
We kept the same chore list with corresponding numbers.
We still took turns rolling, but now, we roll for our very own chore.
They decided they wanted to reroll for a new chore each week.
Works for Momma!!

I like to call it,

"How WE Roll"

Well, It's been going strong for yet another 3 weeks. 
That would be like 6 weeks all together!!!
(I know, big math problem for me...took me a minute!)

We have never stuck to such a routine for this long.
they aren't even getting paid!!

Ummmhmmm... THAT'S RIGHT!!!

(They can; however, choose to ask for the cash instead of getting a dumb toy from Dollar Tree that is gonna break during the car ride home anyway. It's totally up to them.)

I talked to them about how blessed we were to have all the wonderful things that we do.
A home, a bed, clothes, food....
I pointed out that we should show that we are thankful for our home and other blessings.
One way we can do that is by showing  respect to our Heavenly Father and our Family by take care of all we've been blessed with.

I have had NO complaining, no arguing, just a miraculous 15 minutes of busy little bees gettin' junk done EVERY night.
It really is AMAZING!!

My next step, make a cute board so we can keep track of who is doing what.
My wheels are squeakin' in my little noggin'!! 

Have you pinned something and made it come to life???
I want to see it....we ALL do!!
Email me!!!

Have you come up with an AMAZING chore plan.
PLEASE, email me!!!
I'd love to share it :)
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