Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday {Suite} on YOU #1

I'm SO excited for Saturdays.
Wanna know why???
 I LOVE spending time with my family and just chillin' for the day!
I'm TOTALLY excited about the new Saturday "{SUITE} on YOU"
 that is starting up TODAY!!!

I'm hoping to be posting all about YOU, my dearest bloggy friends.

One thing,
I REALLY need your help!!

  • Have you crafted something up that was inspired by a project you saw right here?  Send me a link to your blog post so I can see!!
I will post it here for all our {suite} bloggy friends to see.

  • Do you want to guest post????
( Kinda desperate, I know!)
I would love to have a post all about YOU and a tutorial that you want to share with the rest of us. 

Doesn't that sound fun??
Please contact me if you are interested :)

Now on to the first ever

{Suite} on YOU

You have all been so wonderful with you comments and emails on the ever popular T-shirt Quilt post.
I didn't realize I wasn't the only hoarder that keeps old tee shirts for FOR.E.V.E.R.

Thanks for being so FABULOUS!!
 I LOVE sharing. 
Thanks for letting me and for loving me too. 

When you comment I always try to track you down
 so I can give you a BIG fat thank you. 
Oh yeah, I know where you ALL live!! Heeheee!!
I went to go and thanks Miss Sarah and found this....

in comes the singing angels, who happen to be floating in the sky.
Can you hear them?  Heeeheeeee!!

It was so amazing to see. 
My first thought was,
 HOLD UP!!! 
 She jacked my Shirt Quilt!!" 
NO, just kidding.
There it was, my little day dream that I loved and created and finally shared with all of you.
Now, here it was all ready to be a gift to someone else.
WOW, the gift that keeps giving.  AMAZING!!!

She did SUCH a beautiful job. 

Don't ya think?? 
Miss Sarah!! Thanks for letting me share this.  You ROCK!!

Remember, life ain't too {SUITE) without YOU!

Send me your stuff!!!




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