Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Welcome to Tippy Tips Tuesday!!!
Today's tip is an organizing tip.

Toothbrush Organizer

I have my 4 little ones who can't quite reach the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.
I can't figure out why???

 I guess it doesn't help that the stinkin' cabinet almost touches the ceiling!

We needed a spot for the chitlin's little tooth brushes, quick!!
 We needed a place where they could reach 'em and put them away,

Here's what I came up with.

I found this utensil drawer organizer at Walmart. 
 It fits them all SO perfectly!!
Don't they look cozy?
They keep them germs to themselves too.
The best part, the chitlins can reach in and put it away when they are done.

Each kid knows which slot is theirs. 
I'm still thinking I'm going to label them though.
Now, ya know how nasty toothbrush holders can get!!
As you can see...
we have a little mouth wash in a couple of the slots.  Heeeheee!!
I make sure I spray the whole thing with Antibacterial spray and clean it up real good AT LEAST once a week.

I'm sure you guys have come up with something way more FABULOUS than this.
Please share.
Shoot me a comment. 
Or better yet, an email :)

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