Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Suite} Entry Way Table

{Suite}Revamp Wednesday!
Wanna see what is now living a FABULOUS, newly married life??
This poor little broken table!!
Ummm..Hmmm, that's right!
Furniture around here gets married All the time!
I brought it home from my Momma's thinking I could glue it and refinish it.
My dreams were squashed when it decided to snap completely in half.
Yes, that is  the shadow of me mourning my loss, UGHH!!

I was a little upset to say the least.
This is when my brain starts to squeak and blow a little smoke.
Then like my annoying GPS lady says.....RECALCULATING!!

I headed back out to my junk yard garage and saw yet ANOTHER sad and lonely table.
This table was suffering from a small table top.

I didn't refinish it before, because I wasn't sure where I would put it. 
 Plus, what accessories could I possibly fit on that tiny top?
Another thought, I know, a miracle.
"This could be a beautiful thing!!!! 
A marriage of two sad pieces always seems to make one beautiful happy piece.

It was TOTALLY meant to be.

Here they are living a FABULOUS new life together as an entry way table.
Mr. and Mrs. 2Jackeduptablesturnedfabulous!
I had to dress them in lovely white paint.
SHOOOOTTT...they just got married people!!

 Who cares if the two tables don't love each other.
Who cares if they do!
All that matters is...I'M in love.

Thanks for being here!!
Enjoy your Wednesday!

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