Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{Suite} Lunch Making Tips

I have had my boys help make thier school lunches for a while now.
I keep all thier lunch snacks and supplies together and easily at hand for them to just grab and go!

My {SUITE} tip,

Boxes take up a lot of unneccessary space.
After a big shopping trip,

I pull all the snacks out of thier boxes and throw them in the "Treat" baskets up in our lunch station area of the kitchen.
If your family LOVES Little Debbie snacks like we do,
seperate all those double snackies into little sandwich baggies to be thrown into the snack basket.
I do this with cookies too.
Portions are GOOD people :)

Capri Sun boxes take up a TON of space too. 
I found these fun little baskets at Dollar Tree that fit on our shelf perfectly.
No more bulky Capri Sun boxes, YAY!!

We have the small bags of chips right now,
Usually we buy the large bags of chips.
I seperate the large bag into small serving size lunch baggies. 
I tossed these small bags into another Dollar Tree basket.

I also have a "healthy" snack basket in the fridge.
I do the same thing,
Grapes go into baggies,
Carrots go into baggies,
and celery too.

I have them grab one snack from the "healthy" basket and then one treat from the "treat" basket,
a bag of chips and a sandwich from our sandwich basket in the fridge.

(I will cover more of this after I share our new fridge with you in a different post.:)

These are just a few little tips that help our family with school lunches.
Please share any more tips or tricks you have about school lunches.
I LOVE new ideas!!!

Happy Tuesday :)


  1. This is a great idea. I, too, am such a grump about those big unnecessary boxes. While I don't have school lunch making as a necessity yet..in a few years I will. Banking this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is awesome!! Our mornings are CRAZY and lunch making feels like such a huge chore when you are trying to get kids ready to go!!! I love this idea- makes it so much easier!!

  3. One of my least favorite daily tasks is making lunches THIS will help and since a pantry redo is happening this weekend, I will incorporate your tips. Thanks!

  4. You know I love a good organization tip! Love it! Great job!

  5. So being a copy cat! Such good planning!


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