Monday, April 30, 2012

{Suite} Play Kitchen

Hey my {Suite} peeps ;)
I'm so stinkin' excited!!

Sophie's Sweet Cakes Co. now has a kitchen.
Woo HOOO!!

 Now my little Soph can whip up some
 sweets and treats.

Do you remember this??
If not,
let me help ya out!

 This was an old kitchen cabinet that my Mom tore out of her kitchen.
I added small feet and slapped on some paint.
It's had about 20 different lives. 
It was our toy cabinet for a long time.
Then shoe storage by our entry way.
Then towel storage by the bathroom.
it's living a HAPPY life as a sweet little kitchen.

Sophie's Sweet Cake Co.'s kitchen, that is!
This where all the best cupcakes and goodies come to life.
And guess what... they're all calories free!

Now that's what I'm talkin'  about.

 Here's what I did.

 I tore off the 2 doors and added a little curtain under the sink area.
This is where I have baskets from Dollar Tree to store all her kitchen odds and ends.

Here's the sink. 

I used a jig saw to cut holes out

 for two cake pans from Dollar Tree.
Did I mention?? Dollar Tree is the BOMB!!
I used an old faucet from our Master Bath redo = FREE..KACHOWW!

 This is the back of the kitchen.
I have the kitchen turned so this is what you see when you walk into the room.

 Okay...follow me...
 It supposed to be a cupcake shop.
I made this picture to look like a display case you would see if went up to a cupcake shop.
Ya know,
when you point through the glass to the perfect peanut butter cupcake and ask the lady,
 "Can I please have a billion of those peanut butter cupcakes covered in chocolate all for myself?"

Yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about!!
I hand drew the treats and cut them out in black vinyl on my Cricut.

in the picture below,
you'll see where all the cooking goes down.
What cupcake shop doesn't sell fried eggs, right???
I used my Cricut to cut some silver vinyl into this fun gear looking shape.
Humor me, it TOTALLY looks like a burner, huh??
Don't forget the pretty pink glass knobs to turn on the burners.
Found these at Target.
LOVE that place too :)


 Here's what's cookin' in the oven below.
I used my jig saw again for this one.
I followed the center of the cabinet door with the saw and then just popped out the center.
Then I bought a piece of plexi glass and screwed it to the inside of the door.
Now we have an oven.

I can't wait to get my bake on!! watch Soph get her bake on :)


  1. right on girl!!!! send some of that good bakin' my way!

  2. Hey {{Jennie}} BEST NAME EVER! I love the play kitchen the cake pic. the ruffled drop cloth. EVERYTHING. So glad you came to party at COM! Hope all is well. Have a super week. xo, jen


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