Friday, June 1, 2012

{Suite} Easy Teacher Gifts

This school year went by WAY too fast!
To top it all off...
 my Cricut DIED!!
Yes, you heard me right...DIED.
I'm BEYOND sad.

Here's what a Momma with little time and a dead Cricut makes for teacher gifts.

I just wrapped the bottom of the plant with cellophane to make it pretty.
Now the teachers can decide where THEY want to plant them.

I added a flower pick made out of a pencil.
Then taped the following saying to the pick:

Thanks for helping me
this year!

I also made a small gift for all the other people at the
school who help keep my kids safe all year long.
A bag of Blueberry Muffin mix with a tag that read:

Thank you
much for all you do!
Happy Summer!

I've seen both these ideas all over the Internet. 
Not sure who to give credit to. 
Let me know if this was YOUR idea!!

Happy Summer!!

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