Saturday, August 4, 2012

Activity Day {Suitness} "To Do" Jars...

Hey guys!!
 I have a little somethin' somethin' to share with you.

Here's an easy back to school LDS Activity Days idea.
Or...I'm using it for Family Home Evening.


I printed off an outline of a school houses with part of the scripture we were going to read along the top.
These are to go in their AD notebook and to take notes on.
I had a bowl of Hershey's hugs.
As we read, I had the girls raise their hand when they heard any ideas they could use to have more order in their life.
If they participated I threw them a hug.
Then in their little school house worksheet, I had them list all the great ideas we found from the scriptures.

We talked about how it was important to not only stay organized, but to help others, read good books, pray and have faith in ourselves and in our Savior.


"To Do" Jars

To keep these girlies in order and ready for school, we made a "To Do" Jar.
They are ALL over Pinterest.
HERE is where I got my inspiration.
Thanks Ginger! You're a rock star!!!
The girlies painted one end of the stick.
On the other end they wrote the tasks that they felt were important for them to do each day. 


When they were finished writing down tasks and painting, they placed their sticks in the jar.
Each day, as they finish the task on the stick, they flip the stick over so the colored part is showing.

Once they have a jar full of pretty little sticks, they know they are finished.

I used my vinyl cutter to monogram the jars and they decorated them with some fun fabric.
I challenged them to use their jars each day so they can have the order they need in their sweet little lives...and hopefully get back on track while they get back to school.

Love these girlies!!
Happy Back To School!

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