Monday, August 27, 2012

Drop Your Drawers!

We have a tiny wall that faces the kids' bathroom.
This tiny wall is a mighty wall.
Why is it mighty, you ask?
Well, It holds up the large dirty clothes pile that comes off of the smelly little bodies that are getting into the shower each night. :)
not all the smelly clothes make it to the wall.
I usually find a loooooonnnggg traaaiiilll of clothes running down the hallway.
I decided the mighty wall needs a basket.
I was hoping the basket will remind the smelly little bodies where to put their clothes.
Then I thought,
"NO, it needs a sign!!!"
(I know, totally genius, right?!? Not sure how that ended up in my brain :))
This cute sign will be joining the mighty forces of wall/ basket.
I think they will make a great team.

Hoping the silliness of it will help them to remember where their stinky drawers go.
Probably not!!
I still love it:)
 I used an old cupboard door and cut the saying out of vinyl.

Then to top it all off..
An old belt.
It gives the whole "Drawers" feel to it, don't cha think?

Thanks for being here!!
Happy Monday :)

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