Monday, January 23, 2012

How WE roll!

It's "Pinned and DONE" Monday!

Chitlins and Hubs were off for ONE stinkin' day and it threw me off a whole stinkin' week!
Please, forgive??
Ugh...I need another vacation :)

Today is a quick one for ya!
NO, it's NOT all fancy.
I promised myself we would try it out and if it worked,
THEN we could fancify it.

Okay, HERE is the pin that inspired me.
(Man, these JEN's are P.R.E.T.T.Y. amazing!! Heehee. No, really, this Jen has her stuff together.  Lots of cool organizing stuff. Check her out.)
What kid doesn't like games??
I LOVED the idea of turning regular old chores into a game.
When I presented it to the kids, they were BEYOND excited.

I didn't want to get my hopes up too soon.
I did just as Jen suggested,
I had each room designated to a number on the dice.
They would take turns rolling the dice and we would ALL go together and clean that particular area together.

It worked great like this for about 3 weeks.
After those three weeks, we met and discuss how it was going.
The kids said they REALLY enjoyed how we were doing things.
BUT, they all agreed that they wanted to have their own individual chores.
They are all about getting things done quickly.

I was TOTALLY down with that.
We kept the same chore list with corresponding numbers.
We still took turns rolling, but now, we roll for our very own chore.
They decided they wanted to reroll for a new chore each week.
Works for Momma!!

I like to call it,

"How WE Roll"

Well, It's been going strong for yet another 3 weeks. 
That would be like 6 weeks all together!!!
(I know, big math problem for me...took me a minute!)

We have never stuck to such a routine for this long.
they aren't even getting paid!!

Ummmhmmm... THAT'S RIGHT!!!

(They can; however, choose to ask for the cash instead of getting a dumb toy from Dollar Tree that is gonna break during the car ride home anyway. It's totally up to them.)

I talked to them about how blessed we were to have all the wonderful things that we do.
A home, a bed, clothes, food....
I pointed out that we should show that we are thankful for our home and other blessings.
One way we can do that is by showing  respect to our Heavenly Father and our Family by take care of all we've been blessed with.

I have had NO complaining, no arguing, just a miraculous 15 minutes of busy little bees gettin' junk done EVERY night.
It really is AMAZING!!

My next step, make a cute board so we can keep track of who is doing what.
My wheels are squeakin' in my little noggin'!! 

Have you pinned something and made it come to life???
I want to see it....we ALL do!!
Email me!!!

Have you come up with an AMAZING chore plan.
PLEASE, email me!!!
I'd love to share it :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Help out that T-shirt!!

Here's our first {Suite} Revamp Wednesday.
Welcome to the PARTE!

I LOVE t-shirts,
as you know!!

I DO NOT love how FRUMPILICIOUS I feel in a t-shirt.
(Ya know, like you wanna sit on the couch and pull your legs up into it, while you lick your oreos covered in PB frumpilicious?!)

I'm starting to collect quite a few little running shirts.
 It's SO cool.
It's NOT cool when they run out of your size and hand over a size that is WAY too big.
I have a little solution for ya if you suffer from this problem too.

T- shirt Revamp
(I tried this out on one of my hubbies shirts before I cut up a race shirt.
I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing.)

Here's ONE way to do it.

Pull out your favorite fitting shirt.
Turn your shirt that you are revamping and your favorite fitting shirt inside out.
Lay the larger one on a flat surface.

Add your shirt that you LOVE on top.
Line the neck lines up to each other.

Grab a fabric pen, Or a sharpie like me :)

Trace along the outside of the shirt.  Make sure you give your self a little bit of a seam allowance!
Pin it all together.
Run it through the sewing machine following the outside of your trace lines.

Here's how you do the sleeves.  Draw a line across that lines up with the bottom of the sleeve on yo r favorite shirt.

Here's the fun part. 
Try it on, inside out.
If it isn't quite the fit you want, run a seam ripper through it and start over again making the adjustments needed.

you gotta try it on so you can take a picture of yourself lookin' like a flying squirrel!

If the fit is good, run it back through the sewing machine a couple of times to help reinforce it.

  Next, grab the SCISSORS.
(I'm making those scary movie noises!)

Trim all the way around your seam.
You can be done there.
Your sleeves might be kinda long and the neck is feeling a little claustrophobic!
If so,
Cut off the neck.
I started on the outside of the collar and made a center mark on the neck.

Snip, snip, cut off that neck!!
Start out with less.
Then, if you need to, you can cut more.

 On mine, I made a little slit in the front middle with my scissors and then I just torn it by hand.

Don't forget your sleeves.
I cut mine at a little angle.
You can cut it how ever you think is cute.
Remember, start off cutting less than you think and then cut more if you need to.

Here it is all finished!
Here it is ON!!
I love all my big old t-shirts to work out in.
I don't feel bad if they get ruined,
I can just turn them into a quilt,
ya know??

Fits perfect!!!
If you end up trying this, I want to see!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Welcome to Tippy Tips Tuesday!!!
Today's tip is an organizing tip.

Toothbrush Organizer

I have my 4 little ones who can't quite reach the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.
I can't figure out why???

 I guess it doesn't help that the stinkin' cabinet almost touches the ceiling!

We needed a spot for the chitlin's little tooth brushes, quick!!
 We needed a place where they could reach 'em and put them away,

Here's what I came up with.

I found this utensil drawer organizer at Walmart. 
 It fits them all SO perfectly!!
Don't they look cozy?
They keep them germs to themselves too.
The best part, the chitlins can reach in and put it away when they are done.

Each kid knows which slot is theirs. 
I'm still thinking I'm going to label them though.
Now, ya know how nasty toothbrush holders can get!!
As you can see...
we have a little mouth wash in a couple of the slots.  Heeeheee!!
I make sure I spray the whole thing with Antibacterial spray and clean it up real good AT LEAST once a week.

I'm sure you guys have come up with something way more FABULOUS than this.
Please share.
Shoot me a comment. 
Or better yet, an email :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

{Suite} Baby Feet

For those of you who follow me on Pinterest...
 ya know my boards are full of stuff that I could NEVER possibly finish in this lifetime. 
I pinned them for a reason, though. 

On Mondays, I will post projects I have actually pinned on Pinterest and brought to life.

What a FABULOUS idea!!

{Suite}Baby Feet

This is my inspirational pin.
I hear ya...awwww, SO CUTE!!

This is what I came up with.

It's a fun little basket from Target.
Then I filled it with stacked blocks that I whipped up.
I cut two pieces off of a 2x4,
and then painted them with regular old craft paint.
 Distressed them then tied them with a piece of denim.
Thanks to my Cricut,
The blocks say:

"Lead me, guide me, walk beside me"

 I found some SUPER cute bright Puma socks.

Are you catching on? 
The whole thing has to do with feet.
oooooo...precious, right?!! 
Then the shoes! Give me one more "precious"

Imagine the different socks and shoes and baskets you could use.
Ughhh, makes me get all Happy Dance feelin'!

Now wasn't that fun?!!
Lets start a revolution my dear bloggy berries. 
Let's bring our pins to life.
What have you brought to life?
I TOTALLY wanna see.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday {Suite} on YOU #1

I'm SO excited for Saturdays.
Wanna know why???
 I LOVE spending time with my family and just chillin' for the day!
I'm TOTALLY excited about the new Saturday "{SUITE} on YOU"
 that is starting up TODAY!!!

I'm hoping to be posting all about YOU, my dearest bloggy friends.

One thing,
I REALLY need your help!!

  • Have you crafted something up that was inspired by a project you saw right here?  Send me a link to your blog post so I can see!!
I will post it here for all our {suite} bloggy friends to see.

  • Do you want to guest post????
( Kinda desperate, I know!)
I would love to have a post all about YOU and a tutorial that you want to share with the rest of us. 

Doesn't that sound fun??
Please contact me if you are interested :)

Now on to the first ever

{Suite} on YOU

You have all been so wonderful with you comments and emails on the ever popular T-shirt Quilt post.
I didn't realize I wasn't the only hoarder that keeps old tee shirts for FOR.E.V.E.R.

Thanks for being so FABULOUS!!
 I LOVE sharing. 
Thanks for letting me and for loving me too. 

When you comment I always try to track you down
 so I can give you a BIG fat thank you. 
Oh yeah, I know where you ALL live!! Heeheee!!
I went to go and thanks Miss Sarah and found this....

in comes the singing angels, who happen to be floating in the sky.
Can you hear them?  Heeeheeeee!!

It was so amazing to see. 
My first thought was,
 HOLD UP!!! 
 She jacked my Shirt Quilt!!" 
NO, just kidding.
There it was, my little day dream that I loved and created and finally shared with all of you.
Now, here it was all ready to be a gift to someone else.
WOW, the gift that keeps giving.  AMAZING!!!

She did SUCH a beautiful job. 

Don't ya think?? 
Miss Sarah!! Thanks for letting me share this.  You ROCK!!

Remember, life ain't too {SUITE) without YOU!

Send me your stuff!!!




Thursday, January 5, 2012

The First Lotsa Lesson's Friday!

Welcome to The Suite's first ever Lotsa Lessons Friday.
SO exciting, huh?!!

On Fridays, you will find a post with a lesson idea/activity for FHE, Activity Days or Tot School. 
If you want to see how things roll around here, check out my new Schedule page at the top right hand corner.

Today, I'm sharing a Tot School  activity I did with my little miss.
(learn more about Tot School here.
There are tons of lesson plans on this blog.
Printables and all that yummy stuff.)

My girlie was SO excited to get started.

"A" is for Apple
Color Recognition Activity

Here's what ya need:
  • Fun colored objects: cereal, candy, buttons, or beads like we used!
  • A fun printable from here.  Or make your own. 
  • Crayons that are the same color as your colored objects.

I printed off my "A" worksheets.  THIS one was her favorite.

It has apples on it with color names written on each apple. 
 My darn ink was low, so the color names didn't show up for us! 
That's okay,
we just went through and colored the apples so they would coordinate with our bead colors.

 I had her match the bead colors to the apples with the same color. 

While she picked up a bead, I had her name the color.

This is the perfect activity to review colors and to practice coloring skills!!
Think of the possibilities!!
Peanut M&M's!
Oh, or better yet,
PB M&M's!!

Go check out the Tot School blog.  You'll love it.

Here's to a {Suite} Year!!

That's EXACTLY what I'm working towards....

a SWEET year!

Before anything,
I have to thank all of you.
I never realized just how blessed I would be by sharing all my madness with others!
Blessings are fallin' like apples from a tree around here.

That would hurt!!
Then my hair would look like this.

Might be kinda sweet though :)
I'd rock it!!!

Maybe I should say, they fall more like marshmallows from the sky.

Maybe not.

Oh, I got a good one, RAIN!
YEP, they fall like rain!

 I am blessed!

I am SO grateful for all of my AWESOME bloggy friends.
You inspire ME to be better and I can't lie, I love stealing your junk :)
(you know who you are :) 

Now that I have that off my brains,
(yes, I have more than one!)
Next item of business.

My {Suite}Year List

I read this quote:

“This year, mend a quarrel.
Seek out a forgotten friend.
Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust.
 Write a letter.
 Give a soft answer.
Encourage youth.
 Manifest your loyalty in word and deed.
Keep a promise.
Forgo a grudge.
 Forgive an enemy.
Try to understand.
 Examine your demands on others.
Think first of someone else.
Be kind. Be gentle.
 Laugh a little more.
Express your gratitude.
 Welcome a stranger.
Gladden the heart of a child.
Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth.
Speak your love and then speak it again.”

― Howard W. Hunter

Then, list was born.

  • Put my Heavenly Father first
  • Go on more dates with the hubby
  •  Play more with my family
  • Go on more walks with my family
  • Treat myself with respect
  • Be honest
  • Serve more
  • Be a true friend
  • Read more
  • Send Thank you's 
  • Send Birthday cards for nephews and nieces
  • Blog more
  • Make a blog schedule
  • Do Tot School with Soph
  • Stick to my home schedule
  • Train for my half marathon and 187 mile relay run (can't wait!!)
  • Finish kids room.
  • Turn our Master Bedroom into a {SUITE}
  • Read at least one book with each kid, every night.
  • Spend less time on Facebook and Pinterest :) GET THINGS DONE!! 
I plan on making a list of things to accomplish each month.
That way, I can work toward getting stuff checked off my main list.

Bored much??
I'm sure as I cross things off,
I will add more to it.
There are some that will never get crossed off in this life.
 I will work on them the rest of my life.
The idea is to just be a little better than I am today.

What are you all working on accomplishing this year?

Send me an email or comment. 
I REALLY wanna hear.
You could post a link to it here or at Miss Toni's place like me.
 Here's to a
{Suite} Year
my peeps.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

{Suite} Germphobe Gift idea!!

If you know me,
I mean REALLY know me,
Ya know that germs are a SCARY thing for me.

My name is Miss Cinnaberry Suite and I am a

Now that I have that out of the way...
Someone who knows me P.R.E.T.T.Y well,
gave me this for Christmas!

Let me introduce you to the BEST gift a Germphobe could EVER get!

A plate FULL of FLIPPIN' SOAP!!!

Oh, that's not all PEOPLE!!
Hold on to them underoos...
This girl aint messin' around.
She went ALL out.

There's a soap for each month.
I LOVE them all,
BUT these ones had me ROLLIN'!!
Sad to say, they are ALL so true.

She designed a label for each month and printed them off on sticker paper. 
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
I've taught her well...
She's AMAZING all by herself!

Thanks Mags...
It was totally worth peeing my pants over!


Imagine the people who are just CALLING out for some stinkin' soap.
Hook 'em up.
Get out you sticker paper and get to it.
Such a fun gift to give.

Activity Day {Suitness} #5

Here's another Christmas AD idea for ya!


Graham Cracker Christmas Trees

Our welcome activity was our treat! 
Nothing like dessert first, eh?!
We TRIED to make graham cracker Christmas trees.
You just take a plastic knife and saw off the corners of the graham cracker to make a tree shape.

Aren't they cute?!!

 Some of these girlies don't know their own strength.
I told them they were making lots of little trees for a forest.
They could care less.
Frosting, M&M's
Pshhh...who cares if our crackers are crumbs!!

I could just squeeze THESE cheeks!! 
(Just cause she's one of my Besties chitlins!  LOVE her!!)

Check THIS girlie out!
She's sportin' her "Secret Service Elf" hat from our last activity!
Atta girl!
LOVE her too :)


The True Meaning Of Christmas Bracelets

To start off,
we went on a scavenger hunt, 
to find the true meaning of Christmas! 
I got the idea from THIS FHE lesson.
As the girls collected the clues we collected different beads.
Once we were done finding all of our clues,
we headed back to the table to make our bracelets.

I read the story from the lesson called  "Teach the Children".
It goes through and discusses all the different things we associate with Christmas and their true meaning.
I had a bead for each item discussed in the story.
Here are the beads and what they each represent from the story:

Green heart: Wreath
Santa Bead: Santa
Red bead: Holly Berry
Red and White: Candy Cane
Star: Star
Green: Tree
Orange: Candle
Silver: Bell
Red Ribbon: Gifts

As I read about each item, they added that bead to their bracelet. 
When we were finished we talked about how the true meaning of Christmas is
The Savior and giving not receiving.

They look happy, right?!
It was another fun one :)

Love ya girlies!!!
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