Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book Shelf Revamp

Thanks again to my Momma for hooking me up with the CA-utest bookshelf!

It didn't look so cute when I got it.
Check her out!
UGHH...girl, you NASTY!!

I LOVED her up with a little cream paint and look at her now!!!

Work it GIRL!! OWN IT, OWN IT!!!

I love all of her little details.

It's the perfect size to hold jars and other fun kitchen stuff!

Paint will ALWAYS be my best friend :)

Go save a piece of furniture's life.
Paint it!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{Suite} Lunch Making Tips

I have had my boys help make thier school lunches for a while now.
I keep all thier lunch snacks and supplies together and easily at hand for them to just grab and go!

My {SUITE} tip,

Boxes take up a lot of unneccessary space.
After a big shopping trip,

I pull all the snacks out of thier boxes and throw them in the "Treat" baskets up in our lunch station area of the kitchen.
If your family LOVES Little Debbie snacks like we do,
seperate all those double snackies into little sandwich baggies to be thrown into the snack basket.
I do this with cookies too.
Portions are GOOD people :)

Capri Sun boxes take up a TON of space too. 
I found these fun little baskets at Dollar Tree that fit on our shelf perfectly.
No more bulky Capri Sun boxes, YAY!!

We have the small bags of chips right now,
Usually we buy the large bags of chips.
I seperate the large bag into small serving size lunch baggies. 
I tossed these small bags into another Dollar Tree basket.

I also have a "healthy" snack basket in the fridge.
I do the same thing,
Grapes go into baggies,
Carrots go into baggies,
and celery too.

I have them grab one snack from the "healthy" basket and then one treat from the "treat" basket,
a bag of chips and a sandwich from our sandwich basket in the fridge.

(I will cover more of this after I share our new fridge with you in a different post.:)

These are just a few little tips that help our family with school lunches.
Please share any more tips or tricks you have about school lunches.
I LOVE new ideas!!!

Happy Tuesday :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day {Pinned and DONE!!}

If you're a total procrastinator like I am,
you're scurrying to find a fun Valentine idea
 for the chitlins to hand out tomorrow, abbooouuuttt...... NOW!
I'll hook you up! :)
Procrastinators UNITE!

The first one is a boy Valentine.

Aren't they fun!!
We made 90 of them.
I'm beat!
Here is the pin.
Here's where I was able to print them off.
Miss Holly SAVED my booty!
LOVE her for that.
Thanks girlie, you ROCK!!!

Next up, a girlie Valentine idea.

Here is the Pin that inspired it.
The pin doesn't have a printable available.
SO,I made my own.

I can TOTALLY share :)
Let me know and I can email it to you.



 If you want to follow my boards on Pinterest,
 click on the big fat red button
on my right hand side bar.

If you aren't on Pinterest and would like to be,
Shoot me an email and I can send you an invite :)

Hope your Monday was HAPPY!
Smooches :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our Chore Chart

Remember how I showed you How We ROLL????
I finally finished our
"How we ROLL" chart.

I'm SOOOOOOOO excited for you to see it.

It didn't cost a cent to make.
Everything, once again, was found  in my garage.

Here's what I did:

I had an old scrub board.
Totally appropriate for a chore chart, don't ya think?? 
 Check out the swan stickers all over the back of it.
Yeah, you heard me, SWAN stickers. 


I used  some leftover Mosaic tiles from our Bathroom redo a LOOOONNNGGG time ago.

 I pulled off all the tiles I wanted to use.

I cut out enough tiny circles on my cricut in black vinyl to make my dice dots.


Then I took some large Popsicle sticks and  trimmed them to the size I wanted with a pair of scissors.
Snip, snip!

Then, I went on my computer and designed little labels to go onto the Popsicle sticks.

Printed them out and trimmed them up.

I used black paint and painted the Popsicle sticks.

 Then I glued my labels down and sanded the edges. 
Aren't they CUTE???!!!

 Next, I added a magnet to the back of EVERYTHING.
The boys like to switch things up.
This adds to the whole game feel.

 Next, I hopped back onto my computer and made little square pictures the same size as my tiles.
I cut them out and glued them to the top of the tiles.

Then I designed our title to go on top of the board.
I printed it out on card stock and used double stick tape to attach it to the board.
I didn't want anything to be permanent.
I might want to use this board again for something else :)

This is what it looks like all finished and in action:

The boys love it!!
Once again, makes life a little easier around here.
NEED that!
LOVE that!!

If you want to see "How we ROLL" go here for the post.

Have a Suite day :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Suite} Entry Way Table

{Suite}Revamp Wednesday!
Wanna see what is now living a FABULOUS, newly married life??
This poor little broken table!!
Ummm..Hmmm, that's right!
Furniture around here gets married All the time!
I brought it home from my Momma's thinking I could glue it and refinish it.
My dreams were squashed when it decided to snap completely in half.
Yes, that is  the shadow of me mourning my loss, UGHH!!

I was a little upset to say the least.
This is when my brain starts to squeak and blow a little smoke.
Then like my annoying GPS lady says.....RECALCULATING!!

I headed back out to my junk yard garage and saw yet ANOTHER sad and lonely table.
This table was suffering from a small table top.

I didn't refinish it before, because I wasn't sure where I would put it. 
 Plus, what accessories could I possibly fit on that tiny top?
Another thought, I know, a miracle.
"This could be a beautiful thing!!!! 
A marriage of two sad pieces always seems to make one beautiful happy piece.

It was TOTALLY meant to be.

Here they are living a FABULOUS new life together as an entry way table.
Mr. and Mrs. 2Jackeduptablesturnedfabulous!
I had to dress them in lovely white paint.
SHOOOOTTT...they just got married people!!

 Who cares if the two tables don't love each other.
Who cares if they do!
All that matters is...I'M in love.

Thanks for being here!!
Enjoy your Wednesday!

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