Monday, March 26, 2012

LDS General Conference Activity Day {Suitness}

Happy Monday everyone!!

As most of you know, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Want to learn more about what I believe, go {here}.

Twice a year we have the opportunity to listen to Apostles of the Lord speak to us. 
It's an exciting time called General Conference!!
A lot of learning is done in these two days. 
Want to learn more about General Conference, go {here} :)

For my Activity Days we did a
"General Conference/General Authority" theme.
I wanted the girls to REALLY know these wonderful men when they get up to speak to us.

This would be great for FHE too!!

I searched for some fun ideas and was inspired by all the fun ideas {HERE}.

Here's how it went down!

Welcome Activity:
(This ended up being most of our Activity.
 It took a lot longer than I expected..WHEW!!
I'm saving the rest of the activity I planned for FHE tonight.
If you don't want it to take most of your time,
Add the tabs to the notebooks ahead of time for the girls
and then have them just decorate the front.)
Start General Conference Journals with Apostle Tabs.
I got the idea from A Bushel and a Peck {HERE}
(She ROCKS with all her Activity Day goodness!)

Here is one of my girlies finished notebooks.
I love seeing how they put their own little twist on things.
I guess she wanted to see the pictures :)


Here's how I showed them how to do it

I found these composition notebooks at Dollar Tree.
They were cute already!

I just had them add the little label and decorate all they wanted with the flowers.
Then, we added our General Authority tabs that I printed and cut out ahead of time.
I also covered them with packing tape....
 with a small edge of the tape hanging over ...

so all they had to do was stick it to the edge of the paper in the notebook and then
 add a little  piece of tape to the back to keep in place.

Watch {THIS} cool little video about Conference.

3 stations..

Station 1: Apostle Memory
I'm splitting them up into 2 groups so they have 2 games going at once.
(I have 10+ girls each week.)
They will use
Apostle memory cards
I found them on A year of Family Home Evenings
Thanks Miss Emilie!!
When they get a match, they will read a fact about the person from these cool cards I found

Station 2: "Don't Eat the Apostle"
(like "Don't Eat Pete" game)
WE DID play this one. 
With {THIS} same sheet we used for our tabs for the Journals.
 I found it on Pinterest. 
It was made by Ellie Pace!
Love HER too!! Thank you Ellie!!!

 I split the girls into 2 different groups this time.
One girl leaves the room while the other girls decide which Apostle is "IT".
Cover each picture with a candy.
Call the girl back in.
Then, one at a time, she will name an Apostle and keep the candy covering him.
When she picks up the candy covering the "IT", the girls yell, "Don't Eat the Apostle!"
Go through until each girl has a turn. 

Station 3: "Apostle says"
(with the group all together)

I'm going to hang pictures up all around outside.
On trees, walls, garage, garbage can...
Then I will call out different instructions:"hop to Elder Scott, walk backwards to Elder Hales...once they have played for a few minutes I'm going to hide some of the Apostles names to see if they can do it without names.

Finish up "General Conference Journals"
I'm going to encourage them to listen to these wonderful men and to write down thoughts or feeling they have during Conference in their new "General Conference Journal".

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