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Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm killing Birdies!

{No REAL birdies have been killed for this post!}
I'm killing two little birdies with one stone. First little birdie...I'm showing you my bookcase redo, second little birdie, it's all ready for Christmas...

BEFORE...ahhh! Can't believe I had this in my house!
I loved this bookcase! Until, my youngest boys' foot went through the glass of one of the doors. NOT COOL! What was I thinkin' BOYS AND GLASS DO NOT MIX. Here's what I did. First, I slapped the same Pale Jade onto it.
After I was done painting, I removed the glass. Then, I stapled some chicken wire in its place.
Behind the chicken wire I stapled some drop cloth pieces.
It was SO easy! It seriously took me like 3 hours to paint, sand, and to add the wire and fabric. I love how it looks so nice and clean now. The best part is, no more books to one can see them. HURRAY! Enjoy a couple more pictures....SEE YA!

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